Cycliq Fly12 + Fly6 V HD Bike Camera And LED Light Set

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Cycliq Fly12 + Fly6 V HD Bike Camera And LED Light Set

Cycliq Fly 12

Your Eyes Up Front - 1080p HD Bike Camera with video captured in stunning HD, Fly12 is the world's first front camera and light combination for your bike. Looping video and 1 button footage protection ensures you never miss the action on the road or off the beaten path
  • 400 Lumen Bike Light: Smashing out a massive 400 Lumen of light, Fly 12 is your ultimate accessory for low light or night time navigation. Multiple lighting modes available including flashing, solid and pulse
  • A Battery that lasts as long as you do: Going for a long bike ride? Fly 12 has got you covered with up to 10 hours of battery life (camera mode)
  • Come Rain, Shine or Mud: Fly 12 is designed by cyclists for any ride you can imagine. Utilising the latest nanotechnology means that Fly 12 is safeguarded against any weather nature throws at you.
  • App Connectivity and Social Sharing: WiFi and Bluetooth, Fly 12 connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth and WiFi allowing you to adjust your settings and more
  • CycliqPlus App: Connect your Fly 12 to the CycliqPlus App to view and edit your videos. Share your action with friends and social media channels. Available for IOS and Android
  • Strava Integration: Pushing some serious watts or breaking the land speed record and no one around to witness it? You can overlay Strava metrics onto the video right from your iPhone for instant sharing
  • Tramlines and Map Overlay: You can add tramlines to your cycling footage showing lawful passing distance from your bike. Configure the settings to suit your jurisdiction and camera set up. Include a map of where you were riding using Strava GPS data
  • Incident Protection Technology: The smart alarm works via Bluetooth arming your bike while you grab a coffee. When you Fly 12 detects movement an alert pops up on smartphone and your Fly 12 sounds an alarm, turns the camera and flashing lights on to warn off would-be thieves
  • Incident Video Protection comes as standard on the Fly 12 automatically saving important footage after an accident
Cycliq Fly 6 V

Your Eyes Behind - Watching your back: 720p HD Rear Bike Camera Recording what happens behind you in crisp 720 HD video and audio. With looping video for easy, set- and-forget use, Fly6 V has your back while you ride your bike. Capture the cycling lifestyle from the rear while obtaining video as an insurance policy. 
  • 30 Lumen Tail Light Super bright 30 lumen tail-light for your bike. Includes adjustable lighting modes (Solid, Pulse, Flash, Off)
  • Power to the People With up to 6 hours of camera and light function the challenge will be who has the longest battery - you or Fly6 V. Keep cycling and #RideSafe
  • Come Rain or Shine Using the latest nano technology, Fly6 V is safeguarded against any wet weather nature can throw at you. Your Bike Camera and Tail-Light will work in rain or mud
  • One Size Fits All Attaches easily to any seat post. Simply mount to your bicycle and press the button to power your light and camera
  • Never off Guard Your Fly6 V comes equipped with incident protection so if you are unable to save your footage after a nasty incident, Fly6 V will protect the important footage for you
In the Boxes 
  • Fly 12 & Fly 6 V
  • 16GB Class 10 MicroSD Card and Adaptor (Fly 12)
  • 8GB Class 10 MicroSD Card and Adaptor (Fly 6)
  • Micro USB Cable x 2 
  • Universal Handlebar Mounting Kit (Fly 12)
  • Standard Tripod Adaptor (Fly 12)
  • Quick Bolt and Safety Tether (Fly 12)
  • Aero Spacer (Fly 6)
  • Aero Strap (Fly 6)
  • Standard Strap (Fly 6)
  • 7.5 degree spacer (Fly 6)
  • 0 degree spacer (Fly 6)
  • Quick Start Guide x 2

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