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Check Out Our Collection Of Bike Puncture Repair Kits

In order for your bike to perform at optimal levels, it’s important it’s cleaned and well-lubricated. Lubrication ensures that moving parts aren’t as subject to excessive wear, and they’re also less subject to rust and corrosion.

Punctures are also a common problem, with most caused by pinch flats or small, sharp objects like glass, thorns or stones. Punctures are even more likely if you have older tires with depleted protection or low air pressure within your tires. If you’ve had several punctures in a row, it could be a sign that you are running the wrong tire pressure or that you have something in your tyre that needs to be removed such as a piece of glass or a thorn. Additionally, it could mean that you need to upgrade your tires.

Unfortunately, unlike lightning punctures often strike twice and if you’ve had one puncture, you’re likely to have another in the near future – right when you don’t want one! That’s why having a repair kit to hand makes a huge difference.

Punctures can happen at any time, which is where our handy repair kits come in. has everything needed to maintain your bike to the finest standards. That includes bicycle repair kits for both tube and tubeless tires.

Among our range is this Rema Tip Top TT 01 Puncture Kit which is only £9.99. Included in this kit are feather edge patches for smooth, seamless tube repairs. These are designed to eliminate bulges on high-pressure tires. This is just one example of the many repair kits you’ll find on our website.

Find out more about our bike puncture repair kits. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information on any of our products.