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Explore Our Collection Of High Quality Bike Chains

Are you experiencing issues shifting gears on your bike?

This might be because your chains need replacing. Experts estimate that a chain should be replaced every 2,000 miles, although they can last for up to 3,000 miles or in some cases even more if maintained correctly. How often they will need replacing depends largely on how you maintain your chain but also other factors such as riding style and location. For example, riders that cycle during the winter may see increased chain wear due to more mud and grit often found on winter roads.

Proper lubrication and chain care by regular cleaning will elongate the lifespan of your drivetrain, it will also make it easier to shift gears with ease. But always remember to relubrication your chain after washing your bike as a bike detergents and cleaners brake down and remove all lubrication from your chain.

A great product for re-lubricating your chain is the Weldtite Dry Wax it’s formulated to penetrate the links of the chain before coating the outside to form a barrier against dirt and dust so offers great lubrication without impacting power transfer.

With summer on the way, it will soon be the peak cycling season. Here at we have everything needed to keep your bike in excellent condition, including affordable bike chains.

Among our collection is this SunRace 9 Speed Hollow Chain in Gold which is only £39.99. This beautiful chain provides fast acceleration and allows for seamless 9 speed shifting. Thanks to its chromised hollow pins and rollers, it’s ideal for tackling even the most aggressive runs and those longer rides.

We also have the KMC 9 Speed Chain which is only £19.99 and is a great replacement or upgrade for keeping your drivetrain running in peak condition.

Check out our latest range of bike chains, or for more information don’t hesitate to contact our team today.