Campagnolo Record UD 10 Speed Cassette - 13-26T

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Campagnolo Record UD 10 Speed Cassette Sprockets - 13-26T

Campagnolo products have also become the benchmark of design in bicycle components thanks to their unparalleled quality and performance, this Campagnolo 10 Speed bicycle cassette is built-to-last, in fact in our experience of using various sprockets over the years we would say these are as near to bulletproof as a 10-speed cassette could ever be.

In competition every little detail counts; that´s why steel and titanium were used when Campagnolo produced Record sprockets, 6 sprockets are made of steel while the remaining 4 are titanium. The perfect teeth design results in a perfect synchronisation between shifting and chain movement. The six larger sprockets are divided in triplets, which are mounted on special frames to increase rigidity.
  • Ultra-Shift teeth design means that every sprocket is designed and placed to perform a specific function, such as raising or lowering the chain or giving maximum power transmission to the wheel.
  • Ultra-Shift synchronisation means that the sprocket tuning allows for maximum shifting performance without hesitation: fast, accurate and quiet, even under stress.
  • Reinforced mounts for second and third triplets give the sprocket set a greater rigidity, resulting in better performance and precision.
  • Nickel-chromed finish for steel sprockets
  • Light alloy carrier
  • Largest sprocket: 26t
  • Smallest sprocket 13t
  • Weight: 188g
  • Does not include lockring
  • Supplied brand new in Campagnolo retail display packaging
  • Cassette cogs: 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21,23,26
  • RRP: £196.99

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