DT Swiss HXC 1200 27.5" E-Bike Boost Carbon Wheel Set - 30mm

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Front Wheel: 15 x 110mm
Rear Wheel: 12 x 148mm
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DT Swiss HXC 1200 27.5" E-Bike Boost Carbon Wheel Set - 30mm

HXC 1200, a sub 1,700 gram wheelset that's tough enough for long term E-MTB usage with a 150 KG weight limit, a stunning engineering achievement only made possible by DT's ability to customise every aspect of a wheel's construction. E-MTB's are tough on wheels, really tough, not only is there the added weight and higher maximum drive torque but E-MTB riders tend to ride further and more frequently, this adds up to a real challenge for anyone looking to design a truly durable wheel for long term E-MTB use. The result is DT's mission Hybrid, the first wheel engineering project to look specifically at the challenges of heavy duty E-MTB use for wheels So, what's changed? the short answer... Everything!

Hybrid ratchet hubs feature reinforced hub shells, oversized bearings and steel 24 tooth ratchets along with steel freehubs to prevent marking under extreme torque. The rims have reinforced spoke beds to resist fatigue and handle high loads for long periods of time. The straight pull spokes are custom made for Hybrid with an oversized 2.34 mm hub interface designed to protect one of the key points of stress on a wheel that's being used for E-MTB. In order for a wheel to pass as Hybrid certified in DT's inhouse testing lab it has to survive 50% more lifecycles, its spokes and rims have to endure 20% higher load tests and the bearings must be able to handle almost twice the maximum load of standard wheel. Whilst intended for E-MTB use, the Hybrid range is also ideal for larger riders, bike packers or anyone looking for a really durable wheelset with a high weight limit. The HXC carbon rims feature a tough, hookless design with a 30 mm internal width to support modern high volume trail rubber
  • Rear wheels include both Shimano HG and SRAM XD freewheels for easy conversion
  • Wheel size: 27.5"
  • Front axle: 15 x 110mm (Boost
  • Rear axle: 12 x 148mm (Boost)
  • Brake Type: Disc (6 bolt)
  • Colour: Black
  • Discipline: E-MTB or Bike packing
  • Hub Type: Bolt Thru
  • Rim Type: Clincher
  • Maximum recommended system weight: 150kg

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