Fizik Cyrano 00 Bull Carbon Road Handlebar - RRP: £310

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Handlebar Width: 44cm (440mm)
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Fizik Cyrano 00 Bull Carbon Road Handlebar - 40cm / 44cm or 46cm - RRP: £310

A bicycle handlebar for the least flexible riders who require a slightly more upright riding position for maximum comfort and efficiency. Reduced reach (80 mm) with a shallower drop (130 mm).

Cyrano is fizik’s range of cockpit components, comprising handlebars, stems and seatposts. Handlebars are highly-stressed, safety-critical parts, making strength and fatigue resistance of paramount importance. Low weight is of course also a priority.

Cyrano handlebars are available in three models, according to material specification, and in three shapes to fit different rider physiques. Each shape is carefully designed to give easy transitions between different riding positions – tops, hoods and drops. The range of nine fizik Cyrano handlebars models are each available in a choice of four widths, to ensure a perfect fit.

The Cyrano 00 is the highest specification, made from High-Modulus Uni-Directional carbon fiber. Unidirectional carbon fiber has the fibers all oriented in the same way. By combining layers of carbon at different angles, the stiffness of the component can be precisely tuned. High-modulus carbon is exceptionally strong, allowing parts to be made very light without compromising safety.

The Cyrano 00 Bull accommodates for the least flexible Bulls riders who require a slightly more upright riding position for maximum comfort and efficiency. This is produced by reducing the reach (80 mm) and introducing a still shallower drop (130 mm).

The Bull Handlebar: If you have a relatively low degree of spinal flexibility (more than 90 degrees between your straight legs and back when bending over as far as you can, keeping your legs straight a shoulders’ width apart), you are a Bull.  You will not be able to reach as far or bend as low as a Snake or a Chameleon would be able to. You will prefer the Bull Handlebar because it has a shorter reach and a shallower, more ergonomic-style handlebar drop.
  • Body Material: Highmodulus Uni-Directional Carbon
  • Finishing: Matt Black/Yellow Details
  • Size centre to centre (CM): 40cm, 44cm or 46cm
  • Diameter: 31,8 (clamp) - 28,8 (top)
  • Reach: 75mm (40cm) 80mm (44 & 46cm)
  • Drop: 125mm (40cm) 130mm (44 & 46cm)
  • Flare: 2° (40cm) 3° (44 & 46cm)
  • Suppled brand new in Fizik retail display packaging
  • Weight: 178g (42 cm)
  • RRP: £310

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