Hutchinson Taipan 29" x 2.25 29er Mountain Bike / MTB Tyre - Black

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Hutchinson Taipan 29" x 2.25 29er Mountain Bike / MTB Tyre - Black

The Hutchinson 29er tyre is designed to be ridden all-year round adapting to the various climates easily. Speed, traction wet, dry, mud or loose, it caters for it all thanks to the unique tread pattern throughout the tyre. Traditionally MTB tyre design is terrain or condition limited, it's either dry or muddy, rocky or wet specific. The Taipan uniquely spans all those conditions through its unique tread and knob design. Widely spaced knobs help shed mud when the going gets wet. Raised geometric ridges between the knob grab onto roots and smaller rocks when you need traction between knob contact.

In addition to this, the rolling contact patch is also knobbed with 3mm high knobs that deliver the perfect mix of tread with low rolling resistance. But traction is only half the story. What moves must stop as well, the Taipan has specifically angled ramps on its geometrically profiled knobs that guarantee that when you grab a handful of brake lever, something predictable happens.
  • Progressive cross country tread pattern
  • Ideal for all types of terrain and condition 
  • Size: 29" x 2.25
  • ETRTO: 662 - 57
  • Pressure boundaries: 29-58 psi (2-4bar)
  • Wire Bead
  • 33TPI
  • Weight: 890g

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