Michelin Pro4 Grip Service Course V2 Folding Tyre - 700 x 23c - Black

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Michelin Pro4 Grip Service Course V2 Folding Tyre - 700 x 23c - Black

The new MPro4 Grip Service Course tyre is the ideal tyre for training all year round. Thanks to the unique rubber compounds and the new tyre profile, it provides superior grip (straight-line and cornering) both in dry and extreme wet weather conditions.

The Michelin Pro4 Grip Service Course offers superior pedalling propulsion, superior grip and superior cornering both on dry and very wet roads. This is thanks to the unique rubber compound, effective on all types of roads, and at all temperatures. This is also helped thanks to newer specific tread design on the shoulders, which optimises better grip when leaning over, and a newer tyre profile giving better contact points on the ground.

It also has a very high level of anti-puncture protection + 20% compared with the Michelin Pro4 Service Course this is down to the Aramid reinforcing ply developed specifically for this tyre that is resistant to cuts on the crown and shoulders. This protective ply now covers the whole rolling surface of the tyre, both centre and shoulders.
  • A new specific shoulder design to optimise cornering adhesion
  • A new tyre profile for better point of contact with the road and reduced slipping
  • Unique rubber compounds, efficient on all road surfaces and at any temperature
  • Provides excellent grip even in wet weather conditions
  • Ideal tyre for training purposes and winter riding
  • Size: 700x23c
  • Casing: 3x110 TPI
  • HD Protection arimid with reinforced sub-tread
  • Unique rubber compounds for incredible grip
  • +15% grip compared to PRO4 Service Course
  • +20% puncture resistance compared to PRO4 Service Course
  • Tyre Bead: Folding
  • Terrain: Mixed
  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Weight: 220g

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