milKit Compact Kit - Tubeless Valve Set with Injector

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Valve Length: 35mm
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milKit Compact Kit - Tubeless Valve Set with Injector

milKit - clean, safe, simple. The revolutionary milKit valve system enables simple and clean tubeless installation and maintenance. Thanks to the interaction of milKit valves and the spray system, a quick and easy measurement and refilling of sealing milk is possible - without letting the air out of the tire.

The idea for milKit was born on a mountain bike tour in the USA with a flat tubeless tire due to dried out sealing milk. A problem familiar to many tubeless riders. Product development engineer and avid mountain biker Pius Kobler decided to do something about it and developed milKit.

The advantages of the milKit valve system:
  • Measure and refill: The milKit valve system makes it possible to measure old sealing milk and refill new ones without having to remove the tire to do so
  • No more clogged valves: The patented, intelligent rubber flaps prevent the sealant from entering the valve and clogging the valve heart
  • Easy and clean installation: No more mess, because the tire can be inflated dry and the sealing milk can then be filled through the valve.
The application of milKit is quick and easy:
  1. Screw valve heart out of milKit valve: Air stays in the tire.
  2. Insert milKit applicator through the valve into the tire and measure sealing milk.
  3. Check quantity and quality of sealing milk.
  4. Fill in the required refill quantity in the same way.
  5. Screw the valve heart back into the valve.
Scope of delivery:
  • 2 x patented Tubeless valves with rubber flaps 35-75mm (select option)
  • 1 x measuring and filling syringe
  • 1 x valve heart tool
  • 2 x rim sticker

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