milKit Tubeless Conversion Kit - 45mm Valves

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milKit Tubeless Conversion Kit - 45mm Valves

milKit - Everything it takes for tubeless conversionThe revolutionary milKit valve system makes tubeless installation and maintenance simple and clean. The milKit Conversion Kit includes all the components needed for installation - from rim tape to the revolutionary valve and spray system to the test-winning sealing milk. With the Tubeless Conversion Kit, MTB, gravel and road bikes can be converted efficiently and without mess.

Clean, simple and reliable: With the milKit system, tubeless tires can be mounted dry on the rim and the sealing milk filled into the inflated tire - quickly and without mess. The smart rubber flaps at the bottom of the milKit valves ensure that the valves no longer clog.

The milKit sealing milk coats the tire better on the inside and reliably seals even large holes thanks to microfibers. It remains homogeneous in the tire and does not decompose into rubber residues, which means that the aqueous solution remains functional for longer. In addition, the milKit sealing milk is environmentally friendly, it contains neither ammonia nor other chemically aggressive substances. This is good for health as well as for rims and spokes, which would otherwise be exposed to corrosion.

Advantages of milKit valve systems:
  • Measure and refill: The milKit valve system makes it possible to measure old sealing milk and refill new ones without having to remove the tire for this purpose
  • No more clogged valves: The patented, intelligent rubber flaps prevent the sealant from entering the valve and clogging the valve heart
  • Easy and clean installation: No more mess, because the tire can be inflated dry and the sealing milk can then be filled through the valve.
Advantages of milKit sealing milk:
  • The milKit sealing milk always remains homogeneous, which leads to significant advantages compared to other products. 
  • Easy handling: the milKit sealing milk does not need to be shaken before use, there is always the right mixture of liquid and particles in the tire
  • Prolonged functionality: The sealing milk does not decompose and leaves no rubbery residue in the tire, its sealing function is therefore longer and more reliable
  • Sustainable: milKit sealing milk remains durable in the bottle for 5 years and longer - even if the bottle has already been opened. It is free of hazardous and corrosive ingredients such as ammonia.
The advantages of milKit rim tape:
  • milKit's rim tape is the strongest and most reliable on the market. 
  • Despite it's strength it is still flexible enough to be easily installed on the rim. 
  • milKit rim tape works with high quality, pressure activated adhesive, so it does not need to be heat treated during installation. 
  • The rim tape from milKit is suitable for the conversion of all tubeless rims and is available in all common sizes (21 mm to 35 mm).
Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x milKit sealant bottle 250ml / 8oz
  • 1 x milKit compact syringe system
  • 2 x 45mm milKit tubeless valves
  • 1 x 10 metre/11-yard roll of milKit tubeless rim tape (select width option)
  • 1 x additional needle for syringe filling
  • 1 x valve core tool

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