Nalini Pro Miles Men's Padded Baggy Fit Mountain Bike / MTB Shorts - Black

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Nalini Pro Miles Men's Padded Baggy Fit Mountain Bike / MTB Shorts - Black 

Nalini's Pro is the top line of the Nalini product range - its products are developed from the experiences of the professionals using innovative 
high quality materials to create unique styles and these Miles MTB shorts are no exception - just read what Singletracks had to say about them in their article... They come with mesh short inside and removable pad provide freedom of movement with a stretchable insert in the central crotch and adjustable waist with stretchable loops. 

3D Black Series Pad: This pad was conceived to lighten the pressure in the perineal-prostatic area and is realised in 'Thermoperforation'. It consists of three different thicknesses and and three different density padding. The accurate positioning of non-toxic gel cushions ensures the maximum absorption ob vibrations and impacts, and in the same time gives the maximum stability and optimal support of the ischial bones. 

Hot MOA Light Fabric Design: Hot MOA fabrics are distinguished by high breathability and light weight. They keep the body cool and dry both in extremely hot and milder weather.
  • Removable mesh insert
  • 2 side pockets. 
  • Offers fantastic UV protection
  • To the care of the pad Nalini recommends any kind of Chamois cream
  • Please be sure to check the sizing guide in the product images before purchasing.

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