Odo Sport Revamp Shoe / Trainer Cleaning Foam - 150ml

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Odo Sport Revamp Shoe / Trainer Cleaning Foam- 150ml


Revamp is a uniquely designed trainer cleaner that’s designed to clean both the inside and the outside of all your sports footwear.


Footwear is the unsung hero of sports kit. Whether you’re a runner, an athlete, or you prefer team sports, your trainers are literally with you every step of the way. Unfortunately, that means they tend to get considerably dirty – dust, mud, sweat, and grass stains tend to be more common than milestones! Basically, trainers needing regular cleaning, and sticking them in the washing machine is not the solution!

Uniquely designed to clean both the inside and outside of all sports footwear, Odo Revamp is a foaming cleaner that’ll leave your shoes looking as good as new in next to no time. With an included sponge to help you clean right into the toecap area of your trainers, Odo Revamp makes it easy to give your shoes the deep clean they almost certainly deserve!


  • 150ml

  • Weight: 213g

  • 1 X150ml bottle of trainer cleaner

  • 1 X cleaning sponge

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