Shimano Deore XT M775 Dual Control Disc Brake / Shifter Combo - Left

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Shimano Deore XT M775 Dual Control Disc Brake / Shifter Combo - Left

The Shimano Deore XT M775 Dual Control Hydraulic Shifters includes the latest developments to addresses the various needs of today's riders. With features from XTR components, these parts are designed for high-level performance, lightweight and durability to handle any situation.
  • Compact design XT Dual Control lever sets combine shifting ease and Servo wave braking performance
  • Speed: 3 speed
  • Moving the brake lever up or down can shift multiple gears in one sweep in either direction
  • Instant Release for super fast shifting performance, delivering the chain to the next sprocket or ring the moment the shift is actuated with no hesitation
  • Multi-Release allows multiple shifts in either direction with one sweep of the lever, further adding to the speed at which you can go up or down the cassette
  • An increase in pad clearance at the calliper has enabled Shimano to use there proven Servo Wave technology in this hydraulic brake lever. As the lever is pulled a cam linkage is operated allowing rapid pad to rotor engagement, at the point of contact the cam moves across multiplying the leverage ratio and increasing the stopping power by 20% over M765 brake levers
  • Adjustable free stroke enables you to fine tune the amount of lever pull before pad and rotor engagement
  • Easy access no tools lever reach adjustment dial for custom lever feel and position
  • Compact design with hydraulic fluid reservoir mounted beneath the handle bar bracket gives improved hydrodynamics and frees up space
  • Removable secondary relset
  • Please note: the first image is for display purposes only - the actual lever is a left hand lever
  • Includes: All necessary cables + fluid for set up

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