Shimano Sora 3500 9 x 2 Speed Dual STI Lever Set

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Shimano Sora 3500 9 x 2 Speed Dual STI Lever Set

The Shimano Sora 3500 9 Speed STI Dual Levers are the ideal shifters for anyone looking for the renowned Shimano technology in a pair of shifters without having to break the bank in the process! The Sora prides itself at being the perfect balance of performance and comfort, the Sora levers themselves are made from super soft rubber for easy going on your hands and thanks to the shape the shifters allow easy braking and shifting regardless of your hand position!

Performance wise the Sora 3500 shifters are simply outstanding, with a precise shifting action thanks to the Shimano Total Integration (STI) system and light-action release lever you can be assured that you will not be let down with the work put in by this Gear Shifter! With the addition of an adjustable reach main lever and optical gear display your use of the Shimano Sora 3500 9 Speed STI Dual Levers will be nothing short of amazing!
  • Excellent value 9 x 2 speed Sora STI shifters for road/gravel use
  • Easy operation design lever - lever bracket hood is made from soft rubber and anatomically shaped to allow easy braking and shifting regardless of hand position
  • Adjustable reach main lever with 4 or 8 degree shims for smaller hands
  • Light-action release lever assure easy gear shifting and braking
  • Precision shifting courtesy of Shimano indexing system
  • Double road front derailleur compatible
  • Integrated optical gear display for quick gear recognition
  • Comes complete with SP41 gear cables

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