Shimano Tiagra ST-4720 10S Hydraulic Shifter Set BR-4770 Flat Mount Disc Brake

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Front Hose Length: 750mm
Rear Hose Length: 1500mm
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Shimano Tiagra ST-4720 10 Spd Hydraulic Shifter Set R4770 Flat Mount Disc Brake

The Tiagra 4720 is a high-quality road disc brake which provides serious entry-level stopping performance and modulation. This superb set gives you more intuitive braking control, so you can tackle all the challenges of a long day out on the road. It features a lever with ergonomics inspired by the 105 series for greater comfort and actuation in all conditions.

Easy to set-up, its reach adjust range is customisable to suit your hand size, type of riding and individual preferences. What's most impressive, is it gives you the same level of shifting operation as more high-end groupsets at an affordable price point.

Enjoy the optimised low weight, high rigidity and heat dissipation of its caliper wherever the road takes you. This stunning model features oversized pistons which transfer hydraulic power directly to the brake pad for more efficient stopping power. Shimano has also carefully constructed it from ceramic material to avoid heat transfer for constant stable braking and high-performance even on long downhill stretches.

This is a perfect choice of upgrade for riders who want a 30% increase in brake power in comparison to previous models and upgraded technologies from the Dura-Ace and 105 series.
  • Ergonomic short shift arc follows natural hand movement with inward shift stroke distance reduced for rapid and precise gear changes
  • Hydraulic brake lever provides powerful, controllable and consistent stopping power with less effort especially from the hood position
  • Hydraulic reservoir tank provides pad to rotor clearance auto-adjust maintaining braking performance during pad wear
  • Ice Technologies
  • Uses Shimano's easy join system, so can be set up with ease! Just remove the plug, insert the hose and tighten the nut.
  • One Way Bleeding
  • Shimano Index System
  • Use: Road
  • Speed: 2 x 10 speed
  • Oil: Mineral oil
  • Reach adjust: Tooled
  • Clamp band inner diameter: 23.8-24.2mm
  • Type: Dual control lever
  • Mount: Flat mount
  • Scope of delivery: ST-4720 left and right STI shifters, front and rear BR-4770 flat mount brake callipers with pads, brake adapter (for front only), hose, and gear cable (without rotor) - when pair selected using dropdown

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