Syncros 12 x 148mm Swtich Lever Thru Axle With Removable Handle

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Syncros 12 x 148mm Swtich Lever Thru Axle With Removable Handle

This Syncros Plug-in Thru Axle is stiffer, stronger and safer than traditional thru-axles. The added benefit of the plug-in system is that once you have your wheel in place and tightened the axle, the lever can be unplugged and stored in your backpack or pocket for safety and security. With the lever stored away from the axle it can no longer become caught on stray twigs or branches when on the trail, which is a common problem with most thru-axles, it also makes it significantly more difficult for a thief to steal your beloved bike wheels and can double up to be used on other parts of your bike!
  • Genuine Syncross rear thru axle for 148x12mm hub
  • 6mm Allen wrench on the lever's end
  • Overall length: 171.5mm
  • Thread length: 8mm
  • Thread pitch: 1.75mm
  • Compatible with BOOST frames

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